Bigger Dreams for Broader Horizons: Siddharth Mahajan’s Vision

Siddharth Mahajan began his professional journey earlier than many of his peers and set an example on how to build a business from scratch. Witnessing success at such a young age is rare but certainly, the result of dedication and a driving force directed well towards the desired destination. The concept was fresh and execution was perfect, which earned him more clients and a great reputation in the hospitality sector. 

Siddharth Mahajan Vision

As a Kickstarter, he converted his own properties into HMOs. This was proof of his conviction towards and confidence in his own business idea. Not many would have the courage to put their own assets at stake if they were not sure of their idea, that too at the first step of the business. Siddharth Mahajan did precisely that. As of now, there are seven assets that belong to Siddharth Mahajan and are operating as HMOs and 47 more assets registered under the name of his business — Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. 

Siddharth Mahajan’s business idea was simple and it was in this simplicity that lay an enormous amount of his own genius. He wanted to provide world-class accommodation to business executives and students who would travel frequently, but in a way that would offer them the comfort and convenience of their own homes. He transformed some of his properties into HMOs and thus was born Tulip Real Estate Ltd.

The concept was to let a house on rent to multiple guests at the same time. For example, if the house had six bedrooms, he would treat each bedroom as separate property and let them out on rent to guests. Taking the plunge himself, he first converted seven of his own properties into HMOs, testing the idea in the real world. As it garnered success, he went on to add more properties to the list. 

Siddharth Mahajan Vision & Mission

Siddharth Mahajan vision to achieve colossal success stemmed from his perception that restricting dreams meant confining growth. He strongly believed and preached that in order to open up massive avenues of progress and success surfaced only if one dared to dream big. He advised his team to chase their dreams because that was the sole way to success.

Siddharth Mahajan’s mission has been to create a sense of place for the UK community and offer travelers a home away from home. Siddharth Mahajan chose to draw from his own personal experience and sensibilities as part of the UK community where he lived, worked, and spent time with friends and family.

This background provided him with the ultimate sense of what appealed to people about a particular place which in turn makes retail, hospitality, or commercial property successful. As on date, Tulip manages around 110 HMOs of which 60 are owned by private landlords and leased in by Tulip, five are Siddharth’s own properties and 45 are owned by Tulip.

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