Siddharth Mahajan Hotelier: His life and Success Story

Educational Life of Siddharth Mahajan

The education qualification of a fervent student hailing from Haryana, India, Siddharth Mahajan Hotelier began his professional journey in the hospitality industry in 2001 after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from Oriental School of Hotel Management, Kerala. A high scoring student who was fiercely driven to achieve great heights of success, Mahajan was the first in his college to find the placement and worked in Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur, for 3 years where his work was highly lauded by colleagues and clients alike. He subsequently headed to London to create a worthwhile career in the industry.

Professional Journey of Siddharth Mahajan

In London, Siddharth Mahajan started working at Thistle Marble Arch Hotel trailed by other enriching stints with various hotels that led him to establish his own business in 2011 – Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. At the outset, he began letting out service apartments to travellers looking for long-term stay options with comforts and facilities of a house. In essence, his plan was simple — let outhouses on rent to multiple people, each occupying a single room inside the house. He made these houses fully functional and equipped to create a home-like atmosphere for travellers. Customers didn’t have to worry about electricity, water, cable or internet connections. Mahajan was offering a complete housing package. 

The business model was a success and Tulip Hotels began to flourish. He leased out several more properties to accommodate the growing business and subsequently even invested in a few.

Today, Siddharth Mahajan Hotelier has 40 million British pounds worth of assets to his credit of which 26 million are in lending and his current net worth is 14 million British pounds.

The Pitfall

In 2015, Siddharth received enforcement by the Barking and Dagenham Borough of London stating that 3 of his properties that were transformed into 6 room HMOs are devoid of the appropriate licensing and were deemed illegal. Siddharth Mahajan denied the charges stating he had followed every legal procedure in obtaining the licenses for these houses. He further claimed that during his license application procedure he was not informed that his 6 room HMOs required submission of a plan.

The borough stated the rule of plan submission for HMOs with 6 rooms or more was introduced in 2012, however, Mahajan argued he had obtained the license from the council in 2014, however, he was not alerted or directed to submit any plans for his HMO’s.

 Additionally, a widely recognized and accepted fact was that small HMOs did not require any plan and all the three properties in question were, in fact, small HMOs.  

The Barking and Dagenham Borough of London clarified that there are two disparate departments; one is the licensing department which overlooks the health and safety aspects and quality of accommodation and the other – planning and development of properties. Siddharth confessed that he had knowledge about the legalities concerning HMOs was restricted as his business was still developing. Just as he was slowly, steadily absorbing and understanding the laws and regulations, ensuring his business processes were well in line with them, the council placed allegations of foul play on him.

Following extensive assessment, one out of three properties received a clean chit; while two were still being probed. Siddharth Mahajan was disappointed when the tenants who passed on the tenancy rights to him for the properties in question were made scot-free by the jury. Although these tenants had used the 6 room HMOs prior to Mahajan, it was he who had to face the allegations of having forged documents. In totality, authorities placed 18 charges on him of which only 2 were taken forward and convicted him of “perverting the course of justice”. Other charges remained disproven.

Siddharth Mahajan Hotelier’s Recourse

As part of the legal processes, Mahajan was given custodial sentencing for four months– 2 months for each property – and thus was restricted from carrying out his business operations. During this period Mahajan engaged himself in a journalism course while concurrently teaching math at Pentonville. His optimistic outlook towards life prevented him from allowing this setback to affect his passion for work. 

While the police could not find anything suspicious or faulty in Mahajan’s overall business conduct and thus could not reprimand him, he has appealed to the court and is awaiting its decision.

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