How Siddharth Mahajan kickstarted his journey in Real Estate?

Born and brought up in India, Siddharth Mahajan is a young nascent mind who dreamt of pursuing the hospitality industry and travelled across oceans to find the right direction for his passion. Mahajan completed a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from Oriental School of Hotel Management, Kerala, and consequently worked at Oberoi Rajvilas in Udaipur, where he was placed by the Oberoi Centre of London Development. His stint at the luxury hotel lasted 3 years and earned him a weighty appreciation for his earnest hospitality services. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary professional journey for Siddharth Mahajan.

Always a keen, enthusiastic individual, Siddharth had noteworthy achievements throughout his learning career and his decision to pick the hotel industry stemmed from his clear inclination towards front house and concierge services. After having worked for Oberoi Rajvilas, Mahajan took off to London to find a stronger footing in the business considering the Hotel Industry in India was still embryonic. Four years, four promotions, and several positive guest testimonials later, Siddharth was approached by numerous Indian professionals visiting London for work, looking for apartments instead of hotels for a more homely atmosphere.

Without the constraints of the traditional rules and conventions of the commercial real estate business, Siddharth studied properties in London to determine what worked and what did not. The end result was an ability to create an experience that built a connection and drew people back to a place they could call home without facing the hassles that go into creating a home.

After a steady involvement with service apartments, he took an entrepreneurial leap into a larger project that embodied the sense of place he wanted to offer the community. Mahajan leased a hotel for 25 years and converted it into a boutique hotel. The USP of this hotel was its close proximity to the station – a crucial factor for emigrants whose routine travel was made easier with this feature.

Within 9 years, Siddharth not only made a strong footing in the housing business in London but he also created a robust goodwill that stemmed out of the impeccable service and facilities ingrained in his business. To support a growing customer base, Siddharth Mahajan began to lease properties across fitting localities in the UK and offer a wider range of accommodation options to prospective clients. This actuated the establishment of Tulip Homes – a reputed UK-based group of companies that manages a diverse portfolio of flagship assets across the nation’s key business locations. Tulip Homes also partners with some of the world’s most recognized brands to deliver consistently high service levels and sustainable growth.

Today, Tulip Homes not only offers service apartments but has also forayed into the hotel industry, In addition to construction and refurbishment of houses. These developments are part of Siddharth’s vision to offer a wide gamut of quality housing services to the UK community.

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