Biography of Siddharth Mahajan London Tulip Homes

Siddharth Mahajan

Born & brought up in India Siddharth Mahajan, started his journey in Kerala. At a nascent stage in his life, he realized that he had to build up the potential of an aspiring entrepreneur. He dedicatedly pursued his career in the hospitality industry and traveled the whole world to find the perfect path for his passion. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from the Oriental School of Hotel Management, Kerala and 3 years of International Diploma in Hospitality from the American Hotel & Lodging Association in Honors, Siddharth had one of the best Hospitality backgrounds during his time. Due to his immense hard work and dedication, Mr.Mahajan became the first student from college to get Campus Placements at Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur.

Prior to his graduation, he started working for Rajvilas in the year 2002. This was 6 months prior to completing his degree. Siddharth balanced work and College life with ease and also went back to college in April 2003 for the final semester to complete his degree. His tenure at his first workplace, the luxury hotel lasted for 2 years and he managed to achieve wonderful recognition for his sincere and honest hospitality services. This gave an exceptional start to Siddharth Mahajan Career

Soon after Siddharth started working in London for various hotels by keeping a distinct and clear career path in his mind. He founded a company named, Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd, a unique business of leasing apartments to travelers and offering them the perfect homestay options that would be affordable and comfortable in comparison to other hotels. 

Family of Siddharth Mahajan London

Mr. Siddharth Mahajan tulip has a sweet happy family which includes his wife Nikita Mahajan, two children Aarav and Tulip of age 7 and 4 years respectively. His wife Mrs. Nikita Mahajan is an alumnus of St. Sebastian School, Mumbai, and then pursued her Master’s Degree in Food Technology from Somaiya College, Mumbai.  

Siddharth married his wife in 2009 after one year of seeing each other. Both of them moved to London together to start a new life. With an immensely passionate attitude towards her Mrs., Nikita Mahajan started working as a Food Auditor for Ferndale Foods – one of the top ten food companies in the UK.  After three years together post marriage they welcomed their firstborn baby boy named Aarav accompanying arav was a cute little princess named Tulip who was born in the year 2015.  

Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd.

Within a short span of 9 years, Mahajan’s establishment was prospering and he stood out to become a successful young Indian entrepreneur in the UK. With almost over 15 years of experience in developing homes with premier facilities, Mr. Mahajan’s real activities now have an aggregate value of Assets worth 40 million pounds in London. With the developing market scenarios, people’s choices and preferences with the company’s objective, Mr. Mahajan’s way forward for Tulip Hotels and Real Estate was to develop as a private, diversified property group active in the UK. Mr.Mahajan  has a vision of expanding Tulip Hotels by geography, sector, property activity, operational capability, and management team.

Achievements of Siddharth Mahajan Tulip

Being a successful Businessman, Siddharth Mahajan achievements list is not so small, here are some of his major achievements:-

  1. An exceptional Hotel Management student Mr. Mahajan coherently achieved above 90% and he was the first student, the first one in his batch to get selected and placed in a campus placement at the Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur – a reputed hotel management training center. 
  2. Compared to his fellow mates Siddharth became an entrepreneur very early and had been the face for building a business from scratch. His entrepreneurship was new, innovative, and the effort put in was also spotless, which brought to him more and more clients, and an up growing reputation in the hospitality industry. Not many are as lucky and blessed to achieve success and immense support at a young age. 
  3. At the initial phases of establishing his business, Siddharth was residing in a House in Multiple Occupancy which was not a common notion. While he realized that the need has to be fulfilled of people living independently but together as a community, he also knew that not many of them are acquainted with the idea of this. His knowledge, experience, innovation and prompt thinking gained his business and it led to growth swiftly. 
  4. Mr. Mahajan is now one of the wealthiest Indian-origin businessmen in the realty sector under 40 years of age. His net worth includes his personal worth of 14 million British Pounds along with assets worth 48 million British Pounds. Mr. Mahajan reached this distinctive place, merely based on his hard work, determination and strong supportive team, with integrity and honesty. 
  5. At the initiation of his business, he started converting his own properties into HMOs. This portrayed his courage and confidence in the business. Presently,  there are seven assets that belong to Siddharth and are operating as HMOs and 47 more assets registered under the name of his business — Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. 

Mahajan’s Vision & Mission

Mr.Mahajan foresees his businesses to be known for their service delivery excellent design quality, strong financial performance. In the superiority of this, the business also holds a deep-rooted impact of the company’s value of how they do, what they do, in being particular with the fundamentals.

With an acute basis on the above aspects, Tulip Hotels stands to be an asset manager of an existing property, as designer and contractor of new projects, as operators of hotels and venues, and as fund managers of investment to create high-quality properties for people to be delighted and aspire towards. Presently, Tulip Homes offers service apartments as well as has entered the space into the hotel industry in addition to construction and refurbishment of houses. With these expansions and development, Siddharth Mahajan vision is to offer widespread and boundless quality housing services to the UK community. 

In a short tenure, Mahajan’s establishment blossomed and created a successful young Indian entrepreneur in the UK. He became a true example and an inspiration for most of the aspiring professionals starting their careers. One can learn a lot from Mr. Siddharth Mahajan’s story and individuality which personified the spirit of entrepreneurship.

  1. Carve your own stone path:  Every society has a unique set of rules, a way to live, but to rise and prosper you need to be break-free. Mahajan strongly followed his passion and his will to become a successful entrepreneur.  He believes, ‘if you keep looking for other’s vision of success, that will drive you away from the path that you need to take for your own success.’ Carve your own path and you will start not only walking but sprinting on the right track. 
  2. Have a firm vision: Have a crystal clear vision in your mind, about what you want to achieve for yourself, and remind yourself every single day.  A clear goal will help you to focus and consistently work on the same goal despite the roadblocks that come in your way. 
  3. Know your Customer: Reading, analyzing, assisting and understanding your customer is vital. Know them inside out, communicate and you will be able to deliver the best of what they need, as the customer is your everything. 
  4. Always lookout for opportunities: Mr. Mahajan has always been confident and decisive in his career path. He is alert, well updated, and aware of the rising trends in the market and also analyzing how these trends can be valuable and applicable to the business solutions. 
  5. Never give up, Never give in: There will be many stumbling blocks and people may at times lose confidence, there will be a lot of people who challenge you, but learning to face them with a positive approach, is the key to overcome the blocks successfully. 
  6. Find the right solutions to the right problems: Identifying all the problems and looking for constructive solutions and issues worth focusing on. There will be certain unwanted issues that will pull oneself down, but you do not need to focus on them you need to know the balance and judge them well. 

Encourage aspire and Inspire: Always encourage learning. Knowledge is key. Planning, risk-taking ability, creativity, adaptability all are qualities an entrepreneur needs to imbibe in himself and his team. Mr. Siddharth Mahajan believes that a company prospers on the unified effort of all the employees. No one succeeds alone and, and those who try to lose to an amazing unified team every time. One should always build a great team to strengthen and support your success and prosperity.